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Editorial illustration - Insomnia

Vector illustration and 2D animation project dedicated to one of the most common problems of 21st-century society: insomnia caused by stress. I also struggle from time to time with this matter, thus I found inspiration to create this piece in my own life. For all those sleepless nights when I wake up at 3:00 in the morning and I can’t go back to sleep…

My interpretation depicts in an amusing, symbolic and surrealistic manner the concept of time, represented by a pocket watch stuck at 3:00 AM when a noisy cuckoo made its appearance. The cuckoo is a symbol for insomnia and all those worries which tend to clutter and disturb your mind during nighttime.

For this project, I mixed modern and vintage aesthetics: flat colour, block shading, a doodle line, grain textures, realistic and stylized shapes. The composition was created in Adobe Illustrator, on Wacom Cintiq, and was animated in Adobe After Effects.

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