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Jazz single cover design project created for Cristina Radu, the young and talented vocalist of the Romanian jazz band Cristina Radu Quartet from Bucharest. My mission was to design the cover for her first single, titled Broken mirror, which had to reflect the fresh and summery sound of her song, using the portrait photos provided by the singer. In order to come up with the final concept, I had to listen to the song a couple of times, to understand its message and vibes as best as possible.

The final concept was inspired by the fresh jazz sound of the song, which makes it perfect for your summer playlist, and the beautiful jewellery pieces with Egyptian influence worn by the singer. Thus I wanted to represent the singer as a fierce and elegant Nubian princess, surrounded by vector palm leaves (a visual solution for the fact that the portrait didn’t include the shoulders). I used some optical effects to recall the song title, Broken mirror, the elements creating a mix between vintage, retro and modern aesthetics.

For this project I chose a bright and energetic colour palette: I started with the cyan turquoise and red from her jewellery and added oranges and cream for a warm, tropical, summer afternoon atmosphere. A retro, feminine font was more than suited for the composition.

The visual was created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, with lots of love, patience and dedication. I kindly invite you to watch my speed editing process in the video below!

Cristina Radu, Jazz singer

I really enjoyed working with Loredana for my first Jazz single cover design! I highly recommend her for great professionalism, dedication and unique artistic and creative directions.

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