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There is no secret that mustard is one of the most appreciated ingredients used in the Romanian kitchen, as it goes perfectly with red meat, sausages, and mici (Romanian speciality). Thus, this passion project is dedicated to the rebranding of the most famous Romanian mustard brand – Muștar din Tecuci, mustard produced in Tecuci by the biggest cannery in Romania, Contec Foods, and distributed nationally and internationally by Olympia.

The project deliverables include a new visual identity for the distributor Olympia and a new label design for two tastes of Mustard from Tecuci – Mieros (Honey Mustard) and Furios (Spicy), more suited for their tagline “Quality Brand”.

Brand values: modern with vintage touches, feminine, traditional, quality, artisanal, friendly, approachable but not cheap, and natural.

The full logotype mixes two serif fonts that convey an eclectic, unique, vintage, feminine, elegant, memorable, and qualitative visual identity for the brand. The letter O was replaced with a more decorative letter O, with elegant swirls reminding of Art Nouveau aesthetics. Modified, it goes along perfectly with the main font chosen and emphasizes the name of the brand.

For the logo mark, the initial letter of the brand Olympia, O was duplicated and mirrored, so that the two letters can intertwine. Because they resemble two circles intertwined, the two Os symbolize protection, unity, perfection, and quality, which are the main values of the brand.

The colour palette is built around keywords such as simplicity, quality, vintage, food industry, attention-grabbing, elegance, trust, and artisan. Also, these are the main colours used in Romanian folk art and they will be reused for the packaging design.

My packaging design (label design) is inspired by stunning Romanian folk art, the Moldavian one because Tecuci is located in Moldavia. Also, mustard is an artisanal product so the design follows the brief. For the label design, I chose Kelly Slab Regular font for the name of the product and Lobster Regular for the tastes.

Watch the dedicated video below, on my YouTube channel and discover my entire process for redesigning Olympia’s visual identity and the label design for their Mustard from Tecuci!

Watch the dedicated video on my YouTube channel!

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