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Environmental editorial illustrations - Our planet week

Digital illustration project created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq graphic tablet for Our Planet week illustration challenge. Our goal was to plant 5000 trees and I am so happy that I was able to support this action with my art! For every illustration created during this event, a tree will be planted by One tree planted. The challenge consisted of creating three illustrations based on five ecological concepts: Preserve, Energy, and Voice.

In my interpretations of the three chosen concepts, I used bright colours and I mixed modern and vintage aesthetics: flat colour, block shading, an elegant inking, different grain textures, realistic and stylized shapes.

Preserve – Protect the flora you are stepping on, the earth, and the water that feeds you, the air that fills your lungs and veins with oxygen! Protect what keeps you alive! We must remember how insignificant we are in comparison with the force and beauty of nature.

Energy – We are surrounded by energy! This vector illustration is a tribute brought to the natural renewable energy sources from which we benefit so much: the Sun, the wind, the water, the earth, and the vegetation. As we are the luckiest human beings in the whole Universe, we should be more grateful.

Voice – Do you hear the subtle voice of nature crying for your help? Listen and react until is not too late! For example, hummingbirds live on the edge of survival. As a result, with the growing destruction of their natural habitat and the use of chemical pesticides for agriculture, hummingbirds are threatened with extinction.

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