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Travel editorial illustration - Parrots of Brussels

Parrots city

Vector illustration project dedicated to my favourite birds, the parrots of Brussels. Yes, Brussels is well-known for awesome fries, beer, Art Nouveau, and… for its green wild parrots! Currently in Brussels are around 12000 parrots, gathering three species: Ring-necked Parakeet, Monk Parakeet, and Alexandrine Parakeet. The origin of the Ring-necked Parakeet and  Monk Parakeet Brussels population is attributed to the release of about 40 individuals as a result of the closure of an animal park in 1974. The first observations of the Alexandrine Parakeet date from 1998, very probably as the result of individuals escaping from captivity.

My interpretation depicts three Alexandrine parrots flying during nighttime over Grand Place. Probably they were stealing some delicious Belgian fries! I created this vector illustration project in Adobe Illustrator, on Wacom Cintiq tablet, in a modern style with vintage inspiration (the stars), mixing flat colour and grain textures in a limited bright colour palette: shades of blue, greens, yellows, accents of red and off white.

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