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Adobe Create Waves - Preserve

Vector illustration project – ecological poster illustration – dedicated to the importance of ocean preservation and protection. The poster illustration was created for Create Waves video showcase, a creative ecological event organized in 2021 by Adobe Creative Cloud, in partnership with The Ocean Agency. Preserve will participate in Ocean Decade exhibition organized by the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development with UNESCO and UN Environmental Protection, in partnership with Adobe Creative Cloud.

While working on this vector illustration, I had in mind the question: “What would it be written on a message in a bottle?”. It would have been easy to choose “Treasure map” as an answer, as everyone loves pirate’s stories, but I felt the need to point out a catastrophic truth: water pollution. During summer, when everybody escapes to the sea and ocean to enjoy the sun, huge amounts of plastic, glass bottles, nowadays even masks are abandoned on beaches and in the water. The marine biodiversity struggles deeply as a result of ignorance. Freedom is a choice and comes with responsibilities. Please always remember to clean your own mess: just take it and throw it in the trash! It’s so simple! It is our duty to be at least civilized and protect/preserve nature!

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