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Travel editorial illustrations - Santorini, Algarve and Sahara Desert

Travel editorial illustration project inspired by three natural concepts: dusk, shore, and ocean, sand. Each illustration is dedicated to a unique touristic destination (in Europe and Africa), where the chosen concepts are the main stars of the compositions: Dusk in Santorini, Shore & ocean in Algarve, and Sand in the Sahara Desert. This project is dedicated to all women who travel, being a reminder to protect the beauty and diversity of nature and culture everywhere you go!

Vector illustration project created in Adobe Illustrator, on Wacom Cintiq tablet, in a modern style with vintage inspiration (the grain texture), mixing flat colour and grain textures in a limited colour palette: shades of blue, orange and green. The chosen colours suggest relaxation, introspection, balance, hope and vitality.

You can purchase all these three illustrations as Digital downloads (printables) by using the Go to Shop button below!

Two girls seating with her back towards the viewer are resting in the Benagil Cave
A Moroccan women is caressing a camel in the desert. Behind them there are sand dunes and camels seen in the afternoon sun light
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