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The wild Swans

Digital collage project dedicated to one of the most picturesque birds of Brussels, the swan, inspired by a beautiful fairy tale – The wild swans. Being renowned for their amazing grace and monogamous pair bonds, swans play an important role in culture, art, religion, and mythology.

The wild swans is a literary fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1838, in Copenhagen. It tells the story of a princess named Elisa, who rescues her eleven brothers from a spell cast by an evil queen – stepmother (they were turned into swans during daytime). In order to save her brothers, she had to knit shirts made of stinging nettles, enduring painfully blistered hands and also a vow of silence for the duration of the task. Briefly, is about a woman who made several sacrifices to save her brothers. It is about true love.

The visual was designed to target women, as it presents the story of a woman, using mainly soft palettes of pink, yellow, light blue, greens, noncolors, which build an elegant and modern composition. I created Leda and the swan in Adobe Photoshop by using twelve stock photos, vector shapes, imagination, and patience. I kindly invite you to watch my speed editing process in the video below!

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