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Christmas cards design – Digital collage personal project inspired by the adventures of a couple of magical Christmas tree ornaments.

In case you didn’t know, during the night, when we fall asleep, the ornaments from the Christmas tree come to life, and they have plenty of action.

For example, the Nutcracker felt in love, from the first day when he was put in the tree, with a gracious glass ballerina. All night long she was dancing, being too busy to notice the Nutcracker. One night, he took the courage to offer his beloved a candy cane, hoping that she will stop for a second and see him. He still has time until Christmas, so let’s hope that this Christmas love story will have a happy ending!

One night, I forgot the Christmas tree lights turned on, so the temperature rose in the ornaments’ wonderland. Imagine Frosty the snowman, slowly and painfully beginning to melt!!! Fortunately, he was lucky enough to have nearby a magic snowball depicting a frozen kingdom. Frosty remembered the legend of Snow Queen, a mesmerizing creature with the ability to conduct enchanting snow symphonies. Thus he repeated her name three times, as the legend says, and a Christmas miracle happened: Snow Queen herself broke the snowball and came to rescue the poor little snowman! At her order, thousands of snowflakes from the frozen kingdom invaded the Christmas tree, helping Frosty to feel “entire” again and me, well less guilty.

The visuals were created in Adobe Photoshop by using stock photos, imagination, and patience. I kindly invite you to watch my speed editing process in the videos below!

The Snow Queen saving Frosty from melting down in the Christmas tree, by escaping her kingdom and conducting a snow flakes storm

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