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Are you ready to build your dream small business as a Bold and Memorable Brand? Let's dive straight into My Services!

✦ Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design is the process of creating a strategic core visual representation of your business. It expresses the identity of your business in the marketplace, being far more than a logo. A brand is not a logo, is what your customers say about it, it’s your reputation, and a logo only can’t help you to fully connect with your target customer and thus succeed! You need a brand identity system.

Brand Identity sums up the whole visual experience and feeling given by your business to the target customer/audience, every time they interact with you and your products/services: on social media, website, marketplace, and mass media (named brand touchpoints). After all, businesses are not born as brands, but they can be shaped as one with a strategic, effective, and eye-catching design that speaks directly to the target’s heart, consistency, and deep care for customers.

My ultimate mission is to create memorable and playful graphics that share and connect your unique story, values, mission, and vision with your target customers/audience! Read more about my Brand Identity Packages, my services, and my process below!

Cold pressed juice branding design Primary logo Blended by Loredana Codau

Download my Brand Identity Services Guide!

… and discover the 5 Brand Identity Design Packages I crafted for you to reach your business goals! All packages are fully customisable to better fit your needs. All you have to do to download it for free is to press the Download button. After you fill in your e-mail address, you will receive on your e-mail a download link for the PDF file. As simple as that!

✦ Packaging Design

From tapping into the consumer subconscious to value-added functionality, Packaging Design can be a powerful branding and marketing tool, being crucial to the success of your product on the market.

As consumers, we take around 5-7 seconds to make a purchase decision in-store. On the average supermarket trip, we can be exposed to over 40,000 different products. Almost a third of product decision-making is based on packaging alone. According to research packaging drives purchase more than other forms of marketing such as TV and online reviews. Around 66% of consumers tried a new product because of the packaging. Thus, my design objective is to craft effective and playful packaging that truly differentiates your products from your competitors and stands out in the crowd.

Tropical plant shop brand identity & packaging design for social media post (mockup photo). In front, there is depicted an aloe vera plant pot on which there is represented a tropical illustration and the flower shop's logotype - Jungle Mania. On the background there is repeated the tropical brand illustration, representing Monstera Deliciosa leaves and Bird of paradise flowers.
A white parrot is flying on top of exotic flowers. Behind, on a pond there are lotus flowers and two Balinese temples, in a tropical background.

✦ Digital Illustration

Illustration is literally everywhere and what a pleasure for the eyes of your target customer/audience! Illustrations introduce personality and narrative to every visual content and allow complex emotions and messages to be expressed to the customers/audience. Through style, composition and colours, they can convey moods and emotions which resonate with your customers.

For example, in brand identity (including brand touchpoints design: packaging design, social media, web, print) illustrations let the customers/audience see and feel the world as the brand sees it. Illustration plays a vital role also in: advertising products/services, merchandise, publishing, editorial etc. My aim is to create strategic and eye-catching digital illustrations that convey memorable emotions to your customers/audience.

✦ Photo Manipulation & Photo Compositing

Because images are more powerful than words, they say, for good reasons, that a picture is worth more than 1000 words.

Starting with retouching and compositing photos for a branded look and feel on social media, web, and print use as a component of the brand visual identity, to the huge area of advertisement, editorial, showbiz, commercials, Photo Manipulation and Compositing services are a must for the success of your business.

No matter if we are talking about manipulation (photo editing and retouching) or compositing (the use or combination of two or more different photos to create a new one), my goal is to create and edit unique photos that communicate your vision with the target customer/audience.

In the foreground there are depicted lotus flowers and leaves. Behind them there is a white swan and the bust of a young woman (Leda). On top of them there is a golden crown.

My 5 Steps Process

✦ Business Discovery Phase

Discovering your business by filling an in-depth questionnaire will help both of us to have a good understanding of your business vision, objectives, and needs. Get ready for questions about your business and the creative direction for the project.

✦ Research Strategy Creative Direction Phase

Researching your top competitors, your business niche, and your target customer is crucial for setting effective strategic and creative directions for your brand graphics.

✦ Concept Sketch Phase

The digital concept sketch (one concept method) will help us improve and polish the creative direction for the project so that we can successfully achieve your business goals during the design phase. Now I will sketch also the brand touchpoints included in the package.

✦ Design and Illustration Phase

Finally, the most exciting part of the project. During this creative phase, I am refining the design(s) and illustration(s), adding the colours and the last touches. Now is the moment when I create mockups to showcase your brand in action.

✦ Guidelines Design Phase

After receiving your final approval, it’s time to design your brand guidelines. Sticking to your brand guidelines will help keep your brand consistent, and easily recognizable, avoiding confusion for anyone involved. Now I will export all project deliverables (digital files).

Ready? Steady? Let's Build your Brand!

What others say about my services ...

Luis Athayde - Manager Lugar da Pedra Alta

“We had such a great collaboration with Loredana for our brand identity design! She identified straight away our business objectives and needs and she surprised us with her creativity, strategy and easiness to put our vision on paper. She is a hard worker, professional, and complied with all the deadlines. We are so grateful we had the chance working with her and one part of our business Lugar da Pedra Alta contains her heart as well. ”

Istudor Adriana - Manager Doar grâne

High professionalism, attention to detail, and customer-oriented. Her creative mind gave life to what I wanted. I loved working with her on the brand identity design for my bakery Doar Grâne.

Gabriela Mihai - Manager Serra Em Flor

I really love Loredana’s art and design! She has such a creative, funny and unique approach to simple and meaningful things in life! Her illustrations bring joy and colour in your home and life, highlighting nature, woman’s sensuality and playfulness in such a natural way.

Massimiliano Bertinetti - Manager Eclecticlly

I commissioned brand identity design services from Loredana. She did a perfect analytical job, with questions aimed at obtaining the optimal result for someone that like me, not being a graphic designer, did not know exactly what he wanted and needed. The result for my brand, Eclecticlly was exceptional!

Cristina Radu, Jazz singer

I really enjoyed working with Loredana for my first Jazz single cover design! I highly recommend her for great professionalism, dedication and unique artistic and creative directions.

Lauren Cannell - CEO Educación Diversa

On behalf of Educación Diversa I highly recommend Loredana for her illustrative work. It’s concise, on brief and absolutely beautiful. She has contributed to a few of our projects which are all related to women’s rights and women empowerment, and as her art is of such a high standard, I’ve invited her to collaborate on-goingly with us. 

Alexandra Frangu

I worked with Loredana as I needed a custom illustrated baptism invitation card for my son. I only had a small idea of what I wanted and told her what the theme of the party would be. She managed to exceed our expectations and the final result was absolutely amazing! I really recommend Loredana for her professionalism, ability to meet deadlines and her boundless creativity. If you’re looking for something unique – she’s the person to go to!

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