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Strategic and Playful Brand Identity & Packaging Design + Illustration Services for ambitious female businesses ready to achieve their Vision of Success!

Hello and Welcome!

In a world fast-paced, you feel that is the right moment to make your dream come true. You are finally ready to take the leap of faith to launch your business and share with the world your one-of-a-kind products or services in the market. Congratulations, my dear female business owner, you are ready for growth! Have no fear, your dream is achievable, and my mission is to ease your journey to build your dream business as a memorable brand. We’ll focus on expressing your brand’s unique purpose, mission, vision, personality, and story through strategic, customised commercial graphics and illustrations, that focus on your target customer.

Because I want to ease your struggle and bring you effective solutions, my ultimate objective is to design strategic brand visual identity systems that will help your business thrive stand out in a crowded market, and leave a mark on your target customer.

Hello, I am Loredana Codau (she/her), a freelance Brand Designer and Illustrator focusing on creating strategic brand identities & product packaging designs, plus illustrations for ambitious female businesses targeting female customers. Women for women! Also, I am an aspiring educator on YouTube, where I share my knowledge with my fellow creative business owners. Nice to meet you!

Loredana Codau holding her Ipad and smiling to the camera
Brand Identity Services Guide by Loredana Codau. The cover of the guide depicts fluffy illustrated clouds.

Let's Focus on Solutions!

Starting with in-depth brand discovery questionnaires, research, Brand Strategy and Creative Direction, my brand identity design process includes, besides responsive logo variations, brand patterns, brand colours, typography and font pairings, photography and illustration style, also brand collaterals design. The brand collaterals, or brand touchpoints include product packaging, stationery, graphics for social media and website use, and advertisement/marketing campaign use. I will guide you step by step and bring you clarity on my strategic design process! 

My method is nurtured by my passion for art and design, and my drive for psychology which plays a crucial role in the success of your brand strategy and identity design. I put my soul, know-how, and patience into each project I work on, as my purpose is to help all of you reach your business goals no matter your age or background!

Analytical, creative, and professional, I am a problem solver who knows that catchy without solving a problem is superficial in brand identity, packaging design, and illustration. This is where brand strategy and research come into action. Brand Identity and all its Touchpoints must communicate your unique brand message to your target customer, as they are powerful tools for establishing public recognition, customer connection, and making sales and profit. Let’s get to work!

Try to Buy Me with an Ice cream!

I am a happy 5-year-old brand designer and illustrator, after switching my career at 29 years old (I have a 10-year background in art history). I am a strong believer you can change your life and career anytime, it’s never too late! You only have to believe enough in your future self, be constant, patient, and focus only on your unique journey, at your own pace!

My graphic design and illustration style reflect my bubbly personality and love for bright colour palettes, bold contrasts, playful elements, texture, and modern, but eclectic aesthetics, with retro influences.

Take me as a solar spirit passionate about arts, traveling, nature and ecology, fashion history, reading, and research. Probably that’s why I enjoy so much creating brand identities & product packaging designs, plus illustrations for fun brands that provide organic solutions for women! Add to all these my love for tropical and indoor plants, ice cream, long walks, electronic music, a good laugh, true crime movies, cats, and my fuel – coffee with extra rice milk.

Loredana Codau working on her Ipad. Behind her there is a desk holding a plant in a pot

Let's Build your Vision of Success!

Loredana Codau brand pattern depicting grain textured clouds illustrations

Take Their Words!

Luis Athayde - Manager Lugar da Pedra Alta

We had such a great collaboration with Loredana for our brand identity design! She identified straight away our business objectives and needs and she surprised us with her creativity, strategy and easiness to put our vision on paper. She is a hard worker, professional, and complied with all the deadlines. We are so grateful we had the chance working with her and one part of our business Lugar da Pedra Alta contains her heart as well.

Mihaela Cotta - Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, I highly recommend Loredana for her top-notch brand design and photo retouching services! Collaborating with her for the last 3 years for photo retouching services has been an absolute pleasure. Also, I am super excited about the diploma, business card, and social media posts she designed for my personal brand. Being a good listener, patient, and super creative, she’s my go-to professional for creating all my brand assets!

Istudor Adriana - Manager Doar grâne

High professionalism, attention to detail, and customer-oriented. Her creative mind gave life to what I wanted. I loved working with her on the brand identity design for my bakery Doar Grâne.

Gabriela Mihai - Manager Serra Em Flor

I really love Loredana’s illustrations and graphic designs! She has such a creative, playful, and unique approach to simple and meaningful things in life! Her illustrations and graphics bring joy and colour in your home and office, highlighting nature, woman’s universe, and playfulness in such a natural way.

Massimiliano Bertinetti - Manager Eclecticlly

I commissioned brand identity design services from Loredana. She did a perfect analytical job, with questions aimed at obtaining the optimal result for someone that like me, not being a graphic designer, did not know exactly what he wanted and needed. The result for my brand, Eclecticlly was exceptional!

Cristina Radu, Jazz singer

I really enjoyed working with Loredana for my first Jazz single cover design! I highly recommend her for great professionalism, dedication and unique artistic and creative directions.

Lauren Cannell - CEO Educación Diversa

On behalf of Educación Diversa I highly recommend Loredana for her illustration and design work. It’s concise, on brief and absolutely beautiful. She has contributed to a few of our projects which are all related to women’s rights and women empowerment, and as her art is of such a high standard, I’ve invited her to collaborate on-goingly with us. 

Alexandra Frangu, Happy Mom

I worked with Loredana for a custom illustrated baptism invitation card for my son. I only had a small idea of what I wanted and told her the theme of his baptize party. She managed to exceed our expectations and the final result was absolutely amazing! I really recommend her for professionalism, and her boundless creativity. She’s the person to go to for something unique!

Gheorghe Muscalu, Happy Dad

“We worked with Loredana for our baptism portfolio, which included the invitations, menus, photo frame, and entry guest seating board. We started from a vague idea, and she took it to a whole new level. Everything was perfect, and she is a great professional. Thank you!!!”

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