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Psychological vector illustration and 2D animation project dedicated to two of the most common problems of 21st-century society: insomnia and the lack of self-love.

My interpretation of Insomnia depicts in an amusing, symbolic, and surrealistic manner the concept of time, represented by a pocket watch stuck at 3:00 AM when a noisy cuckoo makes its appearance. The cuckoo is a symbol of insomnia and all those worries and stress which tend to clutter and disturb your mind during night-time.

Open up your heart and discover what’s inside it: you might find a bit of every emotion and memory you ever had, but most importantly, you’ll find love. Celebrate love and self-love every day, not only for Valentine’s Day!

For this project, I mixed modern and vintage aesthetics: flat colours, block shading, line art, grain textures, realistic and stylized shapes. The compositions were created in Adobe Illustrator, on Wacom Cintiq 16, and Insomnia was animated in Adobe After Effects.

A woman is holding with one hand a human heart and with the other hand a key with which she's unlocking the key hole located in the heart.
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