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Famous Art Nouveau houses in Brussels - Saint Cyr & Paul Cauchie Houses

Because I am totally obsessed with Art Nouveau (my art history background is guilty of this), I created a Christmas vector illustration project dedicated to two of the most beautiful Art Nouveau houses in Brussels.

Saint-Cyr House (in the middle) is one of the most extravagant Art Nouveau examples in Brussels. The house was built between 1900 and 1903 and was the home of artist and decorator Léonard de Saint-Cyr. It was designed by Brussels architect Gustave Strauwen, who was a student of the legendary Victor Horta.

In 1905, architect and decorator Paul Cauchie builds and decorates in sgraffito technique his very own Art Nouveau house, with the help of his wife, painter Carolina Voet (Lina). The architecture is inspired more by the Glasgow School than the Belgian Art Nouveau, the aesthetic of the house being geometric. He designed the front of the house with the intention of advertising and selling their work: sgraffito for him and art teaching for her. The house was designed, from the very beginning, as a joint work intended for private use.

The project was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator, on Wacom Cintiq tablet, by using flat colour, block shading, grain textures, elegant strokes, realistic and stylized shapes.

You can purchase Famous Art Nouveau Houses in Brussels as a Digital download (printable) by using the Go to Shop button below! Also, because sharing is caring, you can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE the printable file featuring these stunning houses to create your own Christmas tree decorations!

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