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Welcome Package Interactive Presentation Template for Brand Designers

Welcome Package Interactive Presentation Template for Brand Designers

Save time and energy, your most valuable resources as a freelance brand designer, and present your process, next steps, and tasks for your client like a Pro! Designed to help you focus on your process, you can easily adjust this interactive presentation template to fit your specific needs. It includes also an Interactive In-depth Brand Identity Questionnaire and an Interactive Brand Personality Matrix aimed to help you understand everything about your client so that you will be able to develop the right strategic and creative approach for the brand! I will guide you step-by-step with prompts, descriptions, and tips on how to use, personalize, and export effectively this interactive template, even if this might be the first time you open Adobe InDesign.

This digital product includes a ZIP file containing:

  1. An Interactive Welcome Package Presentation Template Indd (InDesign) file – 17 pages 16:9 (No photos included!),
  2. Fonts used (Google Fonts),
  3. An in-depth PDF on How to use & export my Interactive Template.

The Welcome Package Interactive Presentation Template includes:

  1. Cover Welcome Package,
  2. Introduction,
  3. My Promise,
  4. Process & Project Phases,
  5. My Services Package 1 (pick one template),
  6. My Services Package 2 (pick one template),
  7. My Services Package 3 – Pro Package (pick one template),
  8. Project Timeline,
  9. How a Project Works,
  10. Communication (includes one interactive hyperlink for your email address),
  11. Your Next Tasks (includes two interactive hyperlinks linked to two pages in this document),
  12. Cover In-depth Brand Identity Questionnaire + Brand Personality Matrix,
  13. The purpose of this Questionnaire,
  14. Questions Business Strategy (includes interactive text fields),
  15. Questions Business Strategy & Creative Direction (includes interactive text fields),
  16. Brand Personality (Brand Personality Matrix) (includes interactive check-boxes),
  17. Next Step in the Process (includes one interactive hyperlink for your email address).


Once you placed an order and the payment is confirmed, you will receive a download link in your email valid for only 7 days! The order and payment are non-refundable.

This digital download is for personal use only, meaning you can’t use it for commercial purposes (re-sale modified or not). I retain the full copyright and you may use it for your presentations. If you want a custom interactive presentation for commercial and promotional purposes, please contact me at [email protected].


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