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Digital collage project dedicated to one of the most picturesque birds of Brussels, the swan, inspired by the legend of Leda and the swan. Being renowned for their amazing grace and monogamous pair bonds, swans play an important role in culture, art, religion, and mythology.

As my mind flies towards Greece and its fantastic legends, this collage tells the story of beautiful Leda and the swan. In Greek mythology, the story of Leda and the swan recounts that Helen of Troy was conceived in an egg, in a union between Zeus, disguised as a swan and Leda, Queen of Sparta. Their brief but passionate love story inspired artists of Renaissance, Symbolists, Expressionists and many more.

The visual was designed to target women, as it presents the story of a legendary woman, using mainly soft palettes of pink, yellow, blue, greens, noncolors, which build an elegant and modern composition. I created Leda and the swan in Adobe Photoshop by using seven stock photos, imagination, and patience. I kindly invite you to watch my speed editing process in the video below!

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